The business is called Hades Pearls because we lost mom to cancer November 2019, and a short time later my best friend Eddie to cancer in February 2020. They are both in the afterworld (we’re a family big on Greek mythology and science fiction) Hades is considered the unseen force, the wealth giver, and of course the spicy heat! They were both spicy characters full of laughter and energy! Lastly, dads children and grandchildren are all his pearls, precious gifts. The summer of 2020 we made pepper sauce and ended up with seven extra bottles. Seven grew to 50, then 50 to a 100 and on and on. Plus the creation of our other family brands: Contagious Energy Art, The Bliss Makers, and Manifesto Gear. This is our Canadian Caribbean journey and we thank you for all of the support, love.

Enjoy the spice and heat of Hades Pearls Caribbean Pepper Sauce. It is made locally by our family in small batches to retain the authenticity of the recipe.

doris belgrave pepper sauce
hades pearls doris belgrave

It started with 7 extra bottles; the Hades Pearls Pepper Sauce beginnings.

Every summer mom and dad would make Caribbean pepper sauce together. The recipe has been with our family for decades. It was one of those things after 50 years of marriage you could count on; a summer of gardening and pepper sauce. When mom passed away, we tried to transition to a new reality while keeping moms’ traditions and spirit with us. Dad worked on the garden with my daughter Saige and showed her the ways of the pepper sauce master. I began baking and re-creating moms recipes. Food was her love language, and now it's ours.

HADES PEARLS - A thing of  legends

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Hades: Giver of Wealth ; Unseen One ; Earth’s Fertility


Pearls: Journey of the Soul; Attracts Wealth; Magical


Pearls are thought to represent the journey of the soul and assist the dead on their journeys beyond – and we wish ours well.  Much like Hades, pearls attract wealth, magic and wisdom. Our designs and strategies may seem to be magical, but trust us we use wisdom and a consultative process to help you on your journey to success. 

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Our beautiful family is made up of social media award winners, artist and creators. We are here to help you  with your digital design and social events,

Under the guidance of Claudius  Belgrave (dad, grandpa, pops) we are honored to prepare and share the Hades Pearls menu of  Caribbean food with you.



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