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Top 3 Caribbean Desserts

Updated: May 15, 2021

The Caribbean always has it when it comes to desserts. Cookies, Cakes, puddings, sorbets, custards, you name it and you will find the best in the Caribbean cuisine. The abundance of naturally sweet tropical fruits plays a big role here. Additionally, sugarcane has become one of the major cash crops in the Caribbean. These factors and the influence of the settlers with different background culture has created an abundance of sweet treats throughout the island. Here is our selection of the top three easy-to-make Caribbean Desserts

1. Sweet Potato Puddings

Sweet potato is pudding is a favorite Sunday dessert in Jamaica. It consists of sweet potatoes, flour, dried fruits, coconut milk, and flavorings such as sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, and salt. This dessert is traditionally prepared in a coal pot, with charcoal placed at the bottom and top of the baking pot. Currently, many people prepare it in an oven, which is more convenient. Potato pudding is best served with a glass of milk.

2. Peanut Drops

Peanut drops are a popular sweet Jamaican snack made with roasted peanut, ginger, water, and spices. All ingredients are boiled down to a syrup that is sticky like caramel. The peanut drops are left to cool and harden before it is served.

This peanut snack is easy to prepare and the result is very tasty. Peanut drops can be taken any time of the day.

3. Cassava Pone

Cassava pone is a sweet, moist, and yummy cake made from the cassava root, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, sugar, coconut, butter, nutmeg, and milk. This dessert is popular in Barbados where it was introduced by Arawaks (the earliest settlers in the highland).

Cassava pone has a dense texture with somewhat crunchy edges, depending on the ingredient used. It is considered a healthy cake. It can be easily converted to vegan desserts by leaving out the butter. It is also gluten-free.


Caribbean cuisine contains some of the best desserts you can think about. These are a few top desserts that are both tasty and easy to make. Do you agree with this selection, or you think we have left out your best choice? Let us know.

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